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Meet David and his team

David Bradburn

David Bradburn - Owner/Managing Director

David Bradburn, aged 54, founded Bluewater Cruising Yachts Pty Ltd some 26 years ago.  He is a passionate sailor and loves everything about boating in particular cruising yachts. Since the age of 14 David has dreamed about cruising designs and their suitabilities and compromises. He has been living his dream building the best cruising yachts in the world for their class.

David has built or been in charge of over 60 builds throughout his business career to date. His hand on speciality is GRP laminating as well as project management, design, customer liaison, staff training, and quality control. He has spent many thousands of hours enjoying sailing yachts in enclosed waters as well as many thousands of sea miles cruising the Australian East Coast including 2 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Races and a Gosford to Lord Howe Island Yacht Race.

David is always humbled by the great responsibility that customers place in his leadership, company, ability to deliver the ultimate cruising yachts and the trust they place in him.
Russell Webster

Russell Webster - Boat Builder

Russell Webster, aged 60, has been building boats for 39 years. Firstly for his family owned business for 22 years where he built over 600 runabouts, half cabin and cuddy cabin speedboats. Then was involved with building a custom 70 ft Precision Sportsfishing boat.  Russell specialises in all aspects of boat building from plug design and mould making through to GRP laminating of hulls, decks and structural assembly, fitout, timber finishing, spray painting, launching and commissioning. Russell has worked for Bluewater since 2002 and is a key staff member.

“Working at Bluewater provides the opportunity to build boats from start to finish. As well as be involved in all aspects of boat building during construction. Also, many and varied smaller projects over the last 7 years. Boat building provides me with the opportunity to work practically, creatively and artistically to overcome problems and achieve standards of work uncommon in today’s world. I enjoy and strive for the craftsmanship and discipline necessary to bring imagination and design to the conclusion of something beautiful and worthwhile.”

Jamie Foulkes

James Christie - Boat Builder

James Christie, aged 29, working at Bluewater for the last 10 years has provided me with opportunities that have enabled me to develop a career I could never have imagined. Working on the yachts is a long and challenging process, but I enjoy seeing projects come together over the weeks, months and years. It takes a great deal of discipline to see a build, or several builds, all the way through to completion.

At Bluewater there are always many projects on the go at one time including several custom boats and offroad campers. Shifting between the jobs, and recently becoming a Project Leader, has been greatly rewarding for me as I enjoy working alongside the highly experienced tradesmen, as well as the great group of apprentices we have on board.

“At Bluewater we take great pride in knowing we deliver a premium product and the fantastic, ongoing relationships with our customers are testament to the integrity of the company.”
Kevin Gleeson

Kevin Gleeson - Boat Builder/Cabinet Maker

Kevin Gleeson, aged 56, has been working as cabinetmaker for the majority of his adult life. He is a keen skiff sailor and enjoys the challenges presented in boat building.

"I like being able to transfer my skills in antique restoration, traditional cabinet making,
shop fitting, model aircraft design and construction and sailing experience to the job.  Gaining new skills on the job is also rewarding."
Alan Quinnell

Alan Quinnell - GRP Layup/Boat Builder

Alan Quinnell, aged 59, has been working in the marine and fibreglass industry for the last 30 years.  His expertise is with GRP laminating.  He started by building runabouts, pools, and then Leading Hand building large in-ground fuel storage tanks which involved travelling around Australia and overseas setting up new plants. Alan has also been involved with large industrial GRP installations such as the Mackay Water Recycling Project. Alan is a meticulous and highly efficient craftsman who has been with Bluewater for the last 18 months. In this time Alan has become a key staff member.

“I like working at Bluewater because there is a wide variety of jobs and a real sense of achievement when you finish building a yacht. The joy of being a boat builder is that we have the ability to turn raw materials into a yacht that the customer will love and cherish because of the dedication and hard work that has been put into constructing their dream boat.”
Jo Learmont

Joe Learmont - Boat Builder

Joe Learmont, aged 31, starting my boatbuilding career with Bluewater has been a great opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge I need to become a successful tradesman.

Working with people from a variety of professional backgrounds and with specialised skill sets has allowed me to learn quickly while becoming part of an effective team.

“What I enjoy most is the process of designing and implementing elegant solutions to the problems we face every day as boat builders trying to create something of the highest possible standard. Sometimes the learning curve is steep, but that’s when it’s the most fun! Also, it’s difficult not to be inspired by David’s relentless enthusiasm for boating and boatbuilding!”
Mathew Shaw

Mathew Shaw - Boat Builder

Mathew Shaw, aged 24, has been working for Bluewater for the last 6 years where he completed his Apprenticeship in Boat Building and is now a qualified tradesman.

"What I enjoy about working at Bluewater is that I get to explore, design, learn and improve my skills as a Shipwright.  Also, having the opportunity to work alongside many great and enthusiastic co-workers, and being able to show my passion through my work gives me great satisfaction."

Sam McGaig

Sam McCaig - Boat Builder

Sam McCaig, aged 23, has been working for Bluewater for the last 6 years where he completed his Apprenticeship in Boat Building and is now a qualified tradesman.

“What excites me about working on boats is having the opportunity to express conceptual designs and imagination into our work. The challenging tasks we face on a day to day basis allows for constant job satisfaction and a forever growing skillset.”

Sean Martin-Greene

Sean Martin-Greene - 3rd Year Adult Apprentice

Sean Martin-Greene, aged 21, is a 3rd Year Adult Apprentice and enjoys working alongside a great team of staff who teach me the various skills it takes to achieve such a high quality finish.

“Boat Building is a challenge but it brings me great job satisfaction when admiring a finished product.”

42 ft Cruising Yacht
42 ft Cruising Yacht 42 ft Cruising Yacht  
The Bluewater Cygnet 20
20 ft Cygnet
The Bluewater 420RS
42 ft Cruising Yacht
The Bluewater 420CC
42 ft Cruising Yacht

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