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42 ft Cruising Yacht
42 ft Cruising Yacht 42 ft Cruising Yacht
The Bluewater Cygnet 20
20 ft Cygnet
The Bluewater 420RS
42 ft Cruising Yacht
The Bluewater 420CC
42 ft Cruising Yacht


Cygnet20 Gaff Association

Click this link to join our Facebook Cygnet 20 Gaff Association page where Owners share photos and sailing experiences of Raids, Get Togethers and Adventures onboard their Cygnet 20 and more.

Custom Cruising Yacht Builder

A Bluewater Cruising Yacht is a true, ocean going luxury yacht. Each one is custom made, from world renowned designers, tailored to your exacting specifications.

It will take you anywhere you want to go in the world in safety and style. Each luxury cruising yacht we make becomes your trusted and treasured home on the seas. And we make it only for you. There is no production line, no factory floor – just dedicated boatbuilders at the top of their craft, creating one off custom built yachts with only one thing on their mind – your complete satisfaction.
Now and always.

Ownership of your Bluewater Cruising Yacht runs deep. It becomes part of you,
not a possession, but a symbol of a life well lived.

From their solid fibreglass hulls, to the care and attention to detail you can see in every aspect of each yacht’s construction, a Bluewater Cruising Yacht makes a sound boating investment. These yachts are built to a standard, not a price... and built to last, no matter what!

Bluewater Yachts offer an unprecedented Lifetime Structural Warranty on each boat we build. We are supremely confident of our building methods which have been proven over 20 years and thousands of coastal and ocean sea miles. We care about each boat we build and have worked with our owners to provide after sales service through the life of their investment. That's why, you, the proud owner of a Bluewater Yacht are GUARANTEED to CRUISE in CONFIDENCE.



Learn more about what Bluewater Cruising Yacht owners have to
say about the process, and how they feel about their boats.

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