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Latest Newsletter - December 2010

There Will Never Be A Better Time Than Right Now To Order Your New Bluewater Cruising Yacht

We know you are serious about your sailing and particularly taking to the oceans of the world in safety and comfort.

You know that Bluewater yachts have an unmatched reputation for being the most solid, the safest and the most comfortable vessel of their size. Bluewater owners continually give testament to their pleasure in being Bluewater owners.

And we all know that second hand Bluewaters continue to hold their value and are snapped up as soon as they come on the market. The most recent second hand sale of a Bluewater 400 happened before the yacht was even advertised.

So why this letter?
Well, we are currently in the middle of building three Bluewater 420’s which will be due for launch during 2011.

We are looking to take at the most two orders for yachts to commence building during 2011 and for launch dates in 2012.

We have also reviewed all of our work methods, processes, materials and inclusions and have realised that a significant price increase must be implemented. As you know, all Bluewaters are manufactured absolutely to the highest standards possible. Every Bluewater is custom made and fitted out for specific owners.

The team at Bluewater building each yacht make no compromises in what they do, if something isn’t right it is done again and again until it is. We do this because it is only by being this particular that we can be certain that your yacht will provide you and your family or sailing companions the ultimate peace of mind when out on the open oceans.

If you and your family’s lives are in the hands of your boat builder then you know deep down that you cannot go for an inferior yacht purely based on price. Yes there are many cheaper, mass produced yachts on the market, but honestly, can you afford to take that risk? Being caught in a storm on the open ocean is no place to be wishing you were in a better and stronger yacht.

If you confirm your intention to place an order for your new custom built Bluewater before 31st December 2010 and that order is finalised by 31st January 2011 then we will build that yacht at the current price and specification which will be a saving for you of over $50,000.

When you put a value on your comfort, your safety and your life you will realise that investing in a Bluewater ocean cruising yacht is the best value decision you can make.

  • Proven Seagoing Adams Design Cruising Hull – excellent load carrying for extended cruising, good allround sailing performance, excellent upwind
  • Integral Keel – can’t fall off, no leak issues, no cracking
  • Skeg Hung Rudder – maximum support and protection of rudder
  • 75 hp Upgraded Engine Package – more efficient cruising speeds and increased propulsion and acceleration for rough conditions*
  • Lead Ballast – higher AVS and stiffness
  • HR2500 Horizontal Windlass – used on vessels up to 55’. Easy to use manual backup*
  • Bowsprit - Extended 600mm forward of forestay enables gennaker to be flown unrestricted and on its own furler. Can accept latest designed anchors eg. Rocna 33kg*
  • 1,400 lts Water Capacity – all built under saloon floor, epoxy lined and coated. Maximum capacity in its class
  • 450-620 lts Fuel Capacity – 2.5 mm 316 pressure tested, built to survey specifications
  • Solid Glass Hull (up to 38 mm thick) – no concerns re: water absorption, core sheering, impact resistant
  • Kevlar Reinforcing Forward Main Bulkhead – maximum impact resistance in case of collision
  • Collision Bulkhead & Watertight Main Bulkhead – extra security in case of collision / holing
  • 135º+ AVS – very high stability making Bluewater 420 more forgiving and stable in rough conditions.
  • 1-12m3 Storage Capacity / Over 50 Lockers – when living aboard this is crucial
  • 6’7” Headroom Main Saloon – generous proportions and feeling of space
  • Flush Foredeck – easier to move around on in rough conditions
  • Bulwarks – Bluewater 420 Raised Saloon provides extra security and safer to move around on
  • Laundry – 3kg Front Loader – All features of home built in for long term cruising*
  • Work Bench & Tool Storage – even includes a built in shed!*
  • Kingsize Owners V-Berth or Queensize Island Berth – large beds for maximum comfort, a home away from home
  • Deck Water Catchment – means more self sufficient and not relying on technology (watermakers)
  • Up To 22 Opening Ports & Hatches – excellent ventilation even in the hottest conditions
  • Hard Dodger Cockpit Enclosure – second living room, excellent visibility, does not compromise safety in case of damage*
  • Integrated Davits / Solar Panel / Stern Seats – all the features needed for comfortable cruising*
  • All Locker Lids Positive Locking – including floor inspection lids and seat/bunk top openings. These boats are built with the roughest conditions in mind
  • Twin Living / Lounging Areas – in all weather
  • Good Privacy & Visibility Below Decks – important when in close proximity to other boats

    (Items marked * are options available to the current specification and will be standard on all new yachts).

And of course as we design and custom build every yacht individually for each owner you are able to make any changes or additions you desire. Let your imagination take you on a voyage and experience what your very own custom built yacht will be like.

The ocean is an inherently dangerous place and by having a sound, well built and equipped vessel greatly reduces the risk and enjoyment of your ocean adventures.

Bluewater yachts have sailed the world by novices (not seasoned delivery skippers) who live aboard with all the gear necessary to be independent and self sufficient.

A lot of our customers are in their late sixties and some mid seventies. Read our Client Testimonials particularly Michael & Merle North, Richard & Barbara Ham, and Robert & Karen Black who have all lived aboard for many years while extensive cruising.

Our yachts, including the Bluewater 420 and Bluewater 450 range are very seaworthy and comfortable, and have proven themselves time and time again.

If you choose to invest in a Bluewater you would be very confident knowing you have an extremely strongly built boat with all the cruising features built in to make your voyages the safest and most comfortable possible no matter where you may end up going. 

Yours sincerely,



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